Patty's Catering! A Great Gift For Any Occasion!

Do you really need a special occasion to send over a gift everyone will enjoy? Not really. But think about all the joy you will spread by bringing great food! A couple of trays when the all family piles in? Cakes and pastries for that "Big" Birthday (That's a different number for all of us!). A new baby (who has time to cook?!). Your friend hosting the Super Bowl!! Or just some good homecooked comfort food... Well, all those are great reasons to bring over the much appreciated gift of homemade food from the best caterer in St. Charles, Patty's of course.

We specialize in premium, homemade foods that are beautifully trayed and ready for you to deliver to that someone special. Bring more to the party than just yourself! Make a statement my friend. Bag the barrel of nuggets and feed your friends the good stuff! We guarantee you'll get more invitations....all at a very affordable price.

Show a neighbor, friend, or family member your appreciation by providing them with our homemade specialties! Please see our Catering Made Simple Brochure for more details and pricing. You'll love the low cost, high quality and outstanding variety. The Great Gift of Food from Patty's Catering.

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