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To serve quality home cooked food at affordable prices...

Catering is made up of three things - Food, Service and Location. As a Professional Caterer, my priority is the Food - Quality, Taste, Presentation, and the Service. A banquet hall sells their location, ambiance, chandeliers, parking facilities, seating, and the dance floor.

What is important to YOU? Reflect back on the last weddings or events you attended. What do YOU remember? These are the memories of the heart. The ceremony, the speaker, the music, who you danced with and of course you remember the food and the service.

These are the things you should concentrate on to make your celebration everything you want it to be. How many times have you left an event, and gone out to eat? At Patty's Catering that does not happen. My menus are excellent cuisine, and there is plenty of food. No one will leave hungry. I place my reputation at stake every event as I know there are no "do-overs" for your special day.

Please don't think you can't afford catering. The days of six dollars a person are not gone. No matter how large or small your event is, I will customize your menu and service. If you want to pick up your menu and a sheet cake or you wish white glove service, I will make sure I work within your budget.

Because Patty's Catering specializes in weddings, I personally have worked in every banquet hall on both sides of the river for over three decades. So I can tell you how many guests can be seated comfortably, what facilities are available and if there are any hidden charges involved.

When you really examine the cost of a catered event, take into consideration that you are also wanting to relax and enjoy this day. Calculate how much you spend on holidays with all of the trimmings, then divide this by your guest count and see how much you are used to spending per person; plus how many parties have you missed because you were caught up in all of the cooking, cleaning, and serving. Don't miss the party- life is short and celebrations all too few... this is your life, treat yourself like a guest. You will work with me from the initial phone call to the end of your event. Work with the best, you will be glad you did.

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